Unit 3

Welcome to Unit 3!!!  I am proud of your hard work in developing your ear training and sight singing! As we jump into Unit 3 we will be working primarily with a “pentascale” tone set that uses DRMFS syllables.  The difference between “pentatonic” and “pentascale” is that the first has no semi-tones.  A pentatonic scale is the basis for many songs around the world. African American spirituals, hymns, playground songs, and folk songs can be sung using only the notes in a pentatonic scale and this pentatonic scale can also be found on the black keys of a piano! They are made up of only whole steps.  The “pentascale” is a 5 note scale that uses the first 5 scale degrees of a diatonic scale.  In this scale, we have a semi-tone between “mi” and “fa.”  It takes training to hear and recognize intervals using “fa” which is why it is usually saved until after a student has been trained in singing and reading pentatonic melodies in their solfege studies.  I’m looking forward to hearing about your development in your training!  Make sure to print off the resources found on the Resource Page!

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