Unit 2

I hope you have enjoyed working through the lessons in Unit 1!  The activities taught in Unit 1 can be used over and over until there is mastery in singing the S, M, L intervals and clapping/counting the quarter note, eighth note, and quarter rest rhythms!

To “pretest” that your child is ready for Unit 2, watch this video and put into practice all the concepts taught in Unit 1!  We will use the same rhythms and intervals to learn a folk song!

Now that you are ready for Unit 2, make sure you head over to the resource page and print out your companion packet to the unit for extra practice.
Download the Unit 2 Resource Packet here!


In this lesson we will learn the new tone set “Do Re Mi” and sing different melody patterns using these notes and hand signs!


In this lesson we will review the steady beat and add a new rhythm, the half note!


In this lesson we will use our new tone set “DRM” and our new rhythm (half note) to learn a lullaby called Gently Sleep!  Download the sheet music here!


In this lesson we will learn how DRM can be written on the learning staff. Do can be a line note, or Do can be a space note!  We call learning about moving tonalities on the staff as “moveable Do” which makes it very easy to learn folk songs!  All you need to know is where “do” is on the staff and you can sing any song!


In this lesson we are going to practice “musical dictation!”  Get a paper and pencil and practice writing rhythms and melodic patterns that you hear me clap and hum!


In this lesson we will sing 10 examples on the staff using DRMSL!


In this lesson we will put all our knowledge to practice in learning and singing a folk song called “Bow Wow Wow!”  To watch some children play a game to this song check out this video!

Congratulations!  You have finished Unit 2!  I would love to see a video of your child’s compositions in this unit!  Share with us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/solfasofa/