Unit 1 for Older Beginners

Welcome to the new and improved Unit 1! When I first began this project I was a novice to recording videos (as I now painfully watch the original playlist!)

I still have the same passion and desire to share solfege education, and after receiving feedback that older students would like a resource and starting point I realized I needed to re-record unit 1 with a new audience in mind.

The Unit 1 Resources are the same! That is the beauty of having a systematic method! I know in the Charlotte Mason communities we say “it’s a method, not a system….” but regarding musical building blocks, you do need to have a systematic mindset to know where to begin and how to move with trajectory to increase your skill level!

So, whether you’re here as an adult that wants to learn yourself, or an older beginner student, I hope you’ll find the following videos in Unit 1 helpful in your study and understanding of musical theory, sight singing, and training of the ear!

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