Composer Studies


Thomas Tapper published a collection of books in the early 1900s to introduce children to the lives of important composers and musicians.  When I came across them a few years ago, I was frustrated that I couldn’t properly orient the pages for my printer!  I played with resizing and printing in various options on Adobe Acrobat and even though my kids enjoyed the final product, I felt that I had spent too much time trying to wrestle with my printer to make it worth my while.

That gave me the idea to find a way to republish the books so that all students can still enjoy the activity of “cut and paste” that was instructed in the original books!  I’m excited to share this reprinting with you today!

VOLUME 1 / VOLUME 2 / VOLUME 3 / and VOLUME 4 include all 12 of the original Thomas Tapper “Child’s Own Book of the Great Musicians.”   Each book highlights three composers.  Space is given within the narrative for children to cut and paste the pictures that illustrate the idea.

Come take a look inside Book 1!!



I’m also currently working on my own book of activities for the home educator that give ideas for enhancing the listening lessons of each composer.  I have selected six famous pieces by each composer and offer tried and true activities that you can use at home with your own children or within a homeschool co-op or classroom!

As a free resource, I am offering a schedule of a full year of Composer Study ideas using the music from Russian Composers, Mozart, and American Jazz composers!  You can download this ebook for free at this link!

I hope to announce the publication of my 12 Composer Listening Idea resource in the summer before the start of the new school year!!!  If you order and enjoy any of the “Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians” I would love to hear about it!